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Guarding Nationwide

Is building on the family values
we were founded upon.

Our management team offers an uncompromising assurance to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our management team’s security knowledge incorporate over 15 years in different roles, giving Guarding Nationwide clients advantage from our knowledge and extensive variety of security solutions, and the training necessary for deployed officers to deliver above and beyond what is required.


We take pride in our client driven and customer focused approach. Our team brings a stable skill set in accomplishing the objective of excellent quality service deliverance, with a focus on professionalism and a commitment to exceeding client expectations. In everything we accomplish our mantra in service delivery is:

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We always look to add value and exceed your expectations.

Our development has been shaped by the ways we cooperate with our clientele, encouraging us to embark on a more counselling and mutual approach. Our clientele include some of the major and renowned commercial property holders and asset managers throughout the UK.


Managing the services provided by our teams in different sectors, Guarding Nationwide’s management team also regularly recommends our corporate clientele on security guarding strategy, emergency planning, and commercial analysis.

Guarding Nationwide executives are dedicated to not only persistently develop themselves, but also to fully train and develop employees, so they are persistently capable of accomplishing their work objectives and optimistic of their own capacities.

Our staff capabilities, talents, wellbeing and enthusiasm are central to our achievements. Guarding Nationwide always prioritizes Health and Safety, administration and support of our staff, which in turn guarantees the highest achievable benchmarks of service delivery, and exceed our clients’ expectations.


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