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Warehouse and Industrial sites often pose a range of threats and dangers when it comes to security guarding. Warehouses and factories are often enormous open air, remote locations it can be tremendously challenging to secure these areas.

Issues linked to warehousing and industrial buildings is that they have a numerous amount of issues regarding lack of access to control, to monitor who is going in and out of the premises.


With this in mind, here at Guarding Nationwide Security, we have invested our years of expertise and knowledge into devising industrial security guarding services that overcome these obstacles and provide you with the protection and safety your warehouse and industrial site needs. Mentioned are just some of the key services that our SIA licensed security guards can provide for your warehouse or industrial site:

  • Mobile security guarding patrols
  • Erecting security fencing
  • Search procedure of visitors
  • Alarmed response
  • Random patrols
  • Implementing and monitoring CCTV
Drawing upon our knowledge with the widest range of strict regulatory and safety standards and operational environments, we can assure that each solution will congregate the seemingly conflicting needs of flow and risk and is fully incorporated into your specific needs to provide outstanding customer care.

Industrial materials theft on the increase and industrial sites regularly located away from the passing public or local authorities, it’s down to you and you alone to guarantee that you’ve got the safety of your site covered by an organisation you can trust. This is why here at Guarding Nationwide Security we will study your industrial site so that we comprehend exactly where you’re mainly at risk and can implement the correct measures to keep all that’s significant to you free from damage and burglary.


With a variety of services we’ll work with you to decide which would be most helpful and tailor these services to provide you with the best level of protection. Whether its mobile patrols or your industrial building needs to cover every inch of your site or it’s a static guard you need to keep watch over a particularly vulnerable area, we can provide service bespoke to your needs.


To discuss Guarding Nationwide’s Warehousing & Industrial guarding services visit our website for further details or call us for an instant quote.


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