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Guarding Nationwide provides professional and trusted fire watch wardens. Fire watch wardens are used when there is an increased risk of fire on your site because of sprinklers and alarm systems being deactivated for more than four hours, “hot work” taking place, and during unsafe demolitions.

We offer a full range of fire watch or waking watch services to suit multiple tenancy buildings such as apartment blocks. Our highly trained, experienced and professional fire wardens’ team can be there to provide a safe and protected atmosphere for your high-rise buildings blocks


Our wardens are experienced in providing round the clock waking watch services for both commercial and residential buildings. Their whole purpose is to be alert for any safety concerns. This service encompasses fire safety and includes personnel such as fire wardens, watchmen, and fire marshalls. Most of the high-rise building blocks require waking watch services for the safety of people in the event of a fire evacuation.

The purpose of a waking watch as described by the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) guidance is to:


  • Detect a fire in the building
  • Detect external fire spread if combustible cladding/insulation materials have been identified as part of the external wall system
  • Summon the Fire Rescue Services (FRS)
  • Ensure all residents are alerted to begin simultaneous evacuation
  • Take appropriate action as required by the management strategy including meeting the Fire Rescue Services (FRS) on arrival
Fire watch or waking watch services are designed for the peace of mind of the high-rise building owners. If they believe that the fire hazard threatens their people, and assets. Using our professional fire watch services will provide additional guarantee that their assets are protected.

Guarding Nationwide’s Fire watch or waking watch wardens have professional experience dealing with the public and follow an active awake alert policy. Our fire watch or waking watch wardens work diligently to make sure that the residents and workers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the safety of their assets is maintained at all times. We strive very hard to demonstrate high levels of confidence and competence when dealing with the public and tenants.


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